Get a Deeper Voice

Get a Deeper Voice

Nobody takes you seriously? Your children don’t take you seriously and neither does your wife, because of your voice?? You want to be taken seriously in office, in front of your friends when you are really saying something serious? Does your voice hinder between you and your implementation of thoughts? then read on to learn how to get a deeper voice.

Many believed earlier that some things like face, height and voice are the three things you can’t change! Now with the advanced technology you know of terms like Botox, pills and what not! Now coming to getting your voice to a deeper tone, there are no pills no injections to make your voice deeper but just your own practice!! Now the reason why males have a deeper voice than women- is correlated to frequency. The higher the frequency, the higher will be the pitch. Makes have less frequency and hence their voices are deep toned.

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Now let’s get to the few simple steps to do the same-

1.)    Good Nutrition and Diet- Maintain a proper diet. Eating proper food is very important. Emulate some of your idols voice you want to have- Keep one rock star, actor, singer or any person whose voice you really admire.

2.)    Breathing Exercise- proper breathing exercises can help lower your voice tone. Practice breathing from your diaphragm or belly. When you inhale and exhale your stomach should move up and down. Take deep breaths and relax your throat. Do not take shallow breaths.

3.)    Relax your throat- many of the pitches are just based on how relaxed and at what position your throat is. A heavy voice will only when you have your throat relaxed. Manage the pressure and stress of your life since it can weaken your vocal chords. Your should keep you voice box moistened and make it sound clear by working a little saliva up your throat and then swallowing it.

4.)    Drink warm water or tea every time before practicing. Warm water will help relax your throat and keep it clear.

5.)    Sing- Sing, even if your voice is bad or you are out of tune. Singing clears your throat and exercises your vocal chords. It is prudent to exercise your vocal chords and make them strong.

6.)    Start speaking from your stomach rather than throat. Lower your Adam’s apple even if you can’t feel it. You can do this by slowly swallowing your food. Swallow really slowly and place your Adam’s apple where you want. It sounds and is tough but you can do it!!

7.)    Keep your voice continuously low for a while till you are used to it- Keep practicing and talking in the tone you have thought to keep. Keep in your mind the husky deep voice you want and keep conversing in that tone.

8.)    Keep practicing and record your voice to observe the change in your voice, to high pitch or low. It should be a deep confident voice.

After following these steps for a while you will automatically see the difference and enjoy how to get a deeper voice.



How to Deepen Your Voice

How to Deepen Your Voice

Some of us have this great desire to lower our voice pitch and sound more manly or dark. Understandable – it makes a guy seem more macho and a girl seem more ‘vampy’ (hopefully that’s what she’s going for!). In general we cannot alter our voices without some scientific intervention (think Hollywood action movies), same as we cannot alter our facial features without taking steps like plastic surgery. If you’re a boy who’s around 12 years old or younger, take heart – you are on your way to puberty and your voice is going to get noticeably deeper. Your grandparents might think you’ve got jelly stuck in your throat when you meet them! Read one to see  How to Deepen Your Voice.

If you’re past puberty, not so lucky. But there are still some things you can do. For example some of us tend to talk in a high pitch nasal voice. Using the nose to talk is actually a habit rather than our natural way of talking, and we can learn to change that. Our nose, sinuses, throat and even chest (the diaphragm area) all are involved in how our voice sounds. You must’ve noticed how your voice gets deeper when you have a cold and a blocked nose right? By controlling which of these parts of the body we plan to use, and how much, we can alter the way our voice sounds.

As you might be able to guess through intuition about your own body, using the chest and throat allows us to deepen our voice considerably. But you will definitely sound ridiculous if over-emphasize it and use only your throat. And within a few minutes you will start to feel tired and your throat itchy. The trick is to use a combination of your chest and throat in a way that sounds natural. Easiest way to start is to speak in a quiet voice, as we sometimes tend to get into a higher pitch when we talk louder. If you are a nasal speaker notice carefully how you keep using your nose and sinus areas to emphasize your words. Stop that! Redirect everything to your nose and throat, speak slowly if you have to. It will take time to do it without thinking about it. And for that purpose, practice every day and several times a day for a few minutes. Try humming in a deep baritone voice as well. Practice it with people when you’re not in a rush or at work (I think your boss would look at you all weird if you sounded like a tape with fungus, wouldn’t you?). Also, your throat needs to be relaxed. If your throats aches for any reason, it will be difficult to speak deeper. Drink water or any fluid which makes your throat feel ‘smooth’ and relaxed.

When you start to feel the change set yourself harder tasks, like singing an entire song (it doesn’t have to sound good, just deep and continuous). Soon you should have the voice you have always founded. But don’t set yourself unrealistic expectations! Our voice is determined by our genes to a great extent and it’s silly to expect a change from, say, Justin Beiber’s voice to Barack Obama’s. How to Deepen Your Voice is easy.

I need to get a deeper voice

I need to get a deeper voice

A deep voice is a really plus point for all the boys to show their masculinity. Girls really like deep voice, they find it very attractive and sensual. Many radio jockeys, public speakers etc. have deep voices which command attention while sound gentle at the same time. A deep voice makes you sound more serious and calm. You get more attention and your points get taken in easily. Now for girls in a workplace it is even harder for them to get the attention if their voice is too soft and low. Many of us are born with a deep, strong voice but for the others who are not, you can always develop a voice that is warm, gentle yet strong. Girls have high frequency and therefore a high pitch which makes their voice very shrill and high pitched. Now I know you need a deeper voice, but how will you do that? Apart from the various books, e books etc. you can follow the following steps to change your voice to a more sensuous and strong voice – So if you I need to get a deeper voice then read on.

A deep voice is not always about lower pitch but it is about finding lower resonance. Now consider a pitch as the point at which you are talking whereas echo as the space you are surrounding. Now for resonance you have to take care of three components-

1.)    Relaxation- Muscle tension stops the space for your voice to vibrate. Relax your whole body to the ground below and allow your voice to travel down into your body and sound deeper

2.)    Breath- Breathing healthy eases your body creating more space in the body and preserves the channel more open.  Your inhaling breath will constantly improve the quality of your voice. If you take a small breath, your voice will have same impact i.e. it tend to be small and low and vice versa if your breath is deep.

3.)    Space- the more space you create in your body, there is more space for the lower frequencies to emphasize and be deep.

Now practice these three steps of relaxing, breathing and being expansive each of us can have a strong, attractive and commanding voice.

Apart from these three steps above, you should take a note of the following-

1.)    Speak from your stomach rather than your throat- Now you need to start learning on how to speak from your stomach than your throat, to develop a deep voice.

2.)    You need to keep your voice low consciously at all times in order to maintain and get habituated to the new deep voice of yours.

3.)    Apart from these, if you are unable to get the voice, better luck next time or just be happy with your own voice.

Now you may not have a voice like Tim Storms (he holds the World record of the deepest and the widest range of voice) but you definitely will get a deeper voice.

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Want to Sound Like a Death Metal Vocalist?

Want to Sound Like a Death Metal Vocalist?

If you’re a fan of Metal Music you will probably have tried to imitate the deep growling voice in your bathroom. Let’s face it, it sounds awesome and the best growlers don’t even sound human. It would make more sense if someone told us that they had borrowed a lion’s vocal chords whenever they get ready to sing! So do you Want to Sound Like a Death Metal Vocalist?

Trying to growl like a Death Metal vocalist is no mean feat. It takes quite a bit of practice to even get your voice a bit deeper than your usual tone. But you just caught the silver lining didn’t you? It’s achievable. Contrary to what most of you might be thinking, it is possible to make our voices sound a bit deeper and manlier all the time without stressing yourself, and it is also possible to growl in a much deeper voice by using the right technique.

Here are a few tips. First you must promise yourself not to overdo anything in your eagerness or try growling when your throat is already suffering from a cold or some other illness. If your throat feels a bit sore in general, drink water and other ‘smooth’ fluids that you like regularly. The easiest way to get a very deep voice is by using your throat alone and exhaling more air than normal. But this method gets you tired quickly and your throat will ache from the pressure after a while. A better (and healthier) method would be too reduce the use of the throat slightly and use your diaphragm as well. You’ll know you’ve got it when you feel your chest vibrating a bit as you speak. Also, start small. Don’t go for the screaming parts of a song until you’ve got the technique or you might seriously hurt yourself. Practice regularly (I recommend starting your first few practice sessions with a low, deep hum to warm up, and gradually increasing in amplitude) and you’ll soon stop feeling any pain at all as your vocal chords get used to it.

If you are just looking to get a deeper voice in general, and not trying to growl, I suggest going through the same exercises every day (without the growling or screaming, of course). A common complaint among some people is that their voice sounds wimpy and high pitched because they use their nose and sinus areas more than other people to speak. This can be rectified with practice. Practice speaking slowly with yourself and observe carefully how you say every word. If you feel you are using your nose say the word again, using only your throat and chest. It will be slow progress and frustrating at first, but it is definitely worth it. After a few days to weeks you will use the deeper voice out of habit and you can start speaking to other people as well, without fear of sounding like you’ve got something stuck in your throat. Good luck and have fun! hope you end up Sounding Like a Death Metal Vocalist?